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Worldwide, professional chefs and home cooks use and love the Butter Bell crock. Visit our recipe page for delicious herbal butter recipes from our famous chefs!

"The Butter Bell Crock enhances the taste of fresh, herbal Butter while making a wonderful presentation Piece."

Jean Francois Meteigner

Executive Chef
An Nam French Bistro MGM Grand,
Ho Tram Beach Resort
Ho Tram, Vietnam
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"The Butter Bell Crock is a great invention that provides a perfect way to keep butters in a unique and attractive container!"

Michel Roussel

Executive Chef
New Orleans, LA USA
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"The Butter Bell Crock is the traditional way we store and serve butter in France…it keeps butter at its absolute best!"

Patrick Jamon

Chef de Cuisine, Villa,
Deevena Playa Negra
Costa Rica
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"The Butter Bell Crock allows the flavors of fresh herbed butters to blend beautifully for rich delicious

Peter Roelant

Executive Chef
The Four Oaks
Bel Air, CA USA
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We've tried to address the majority of questions we receive about the Butter Bell crock, but if you have a question or concern that is not covered here, please email us at We will reply to your email within 24 hours!

Q. Is The Butter Bell Crock Dishwasher And Microwave Safe?

Yes, the Butter Bell crock is safe for use in the dishwasher; however we do encourage handwashing as this is the preferred method of cleaning for ceramic products.

Q. Can I use less than a full stick of butter in the Butter Bell crock?

A. Yes! If your butter consumption is infrequent, we encourage you to use half of the stick and save the rest for later in the refrigerator. Make sure to firmly press the half stick into the lid and make sure it adheres to the inside of the lid so that it will not fall out.

Q. Where Is The Butter Bell Crock Made And Is It Safe?

A. All Butter Bell crocks are made in China, from one of the most prominent and respected factories in the region. Our factory adheres to strict compliance of our FDA food safety regulations and California prop 65. As a company that has been in business for 25 years, we take safety seriously, and make sure regular testing and certification is conducted. The Crocks are made from the highest quality materials and are completely safe, as they contain no lead or cadmium.

Q. Can I Use Margarine Or Other Spreads In The Butter Bell Crock?

A. The Butter Bell crock works best with real butter – either salted or unsalted. Other spreads such as margarine, cream cheese or other cheese spreads, or nut butters are not recommended for long term storage in the crock. Ghee, whipped butter or clarified butters are also not optimal for storage in the crock as they become too soft to properly stay in the lid when brought to room temperature. The Butter Bell crock could be used as a presentation or serving vessel for various spreads for an evening or afternoon – minus the water in the base of the crock.

Q. Can I Store Flavored Or Herbal Butters In The Butter Bell Crock?

A. Herbal butters are fine to store in the crock; however the shelf life of fresh herbal butters will be 3 to 5 days.

Q. How Much Butter Does The Butter Bell Crock Hold?

A. The Butter Bell crock holds one stick – ½ cup or 125 grams of butter when packed properly.

Q. If I Don’t Have A Measuring Cup, How Can I Tell How Much Water To Add To The Base Of The Butter Bell Crock?

A. It is not necessary to measure a 1/3 cup of cold water exactly to add to the base. Once you get used to using the Butter Bell crock, it is very easy to eye ball the correct amount of water to add to the crock base. Use enough water to create an airtight seal when the bell lid is replaced into the base. About an inch in depth is all you need. NOTE – Make sure to change the water every 3 days.

Q. Can I Add New Butter On Top Of Old Butter In The Lid?

A. It is important to use all the butter in the lid before adding new, fresh butter to the lid. Please clean thoroughly in between uses and make sure the lid is completely dry before packing new butter into the lid.

Q. Why Does The Butter Fall Out Of The Lid Into The Water?

A. The butter falling out of the lid is a very easy problem to correct and 99% of the time it is the technique of packing the butter into the lid that needs correcting. First you want to make sure not to over soften the butter before packing it into the top. Make sure the crock lid is clean and DRY before using. In hotter climates or when the temperature in the room is over 70°F, 10 to 15 minutes out of the refrigerator should be enough time to soften. Over-softened butter is the most common cause for butter falling into the water. Start with 1/4 stick and press it firmly down into the bell. Make sure it adheres to all sides of the lid. The back of a spoon works well for this purpose. Then finish with the remaining butter, smoothing over the top and make sure all air pockets have been pressed out of the butter. Add approximately 1/3 cup or slightly more of very cold or refrigerated water to the base. Refresh your water every few days, and be sure to place your Butter Bell crock in a spot away from heat sources such as the stove and out of direct sunlight. If you follow these steps, you should not encounter the butter falling into the water issue.

Q. Does this work with whipped butter?

A. Whipped butter or light butter has air whipped into it, so when it is brought to room temperature, it becomes too soft to adhere properly to the inside of the lid without refrigeration. As a result, we do not recommend the crock for storing whipped butter.

Q. What Do I Do If The Butter Falls In The Water – Can I Still Use The Butter?

A. If you do happen to experience your butter falling into the water you do not need to throw the butter out. If you have a paper towel or napkin, gently place the butter on it, and blot the water off. Clean and dry the inside of the lid – this is very important. The lid must be dry in order to re-pack the butter back into it. Make sure the butter is pressed firmly and all air pockets are removed from the inside of the lid. Smooth the butter around throughout the lid and then the butter should be ready to use again.

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