From an early age, we’re taught that butter belongs in the fridge. However, cold butter can be difficult to spread, often tearing toast, ripping rolls, and creating lumpy clumps on favorite foods. So, how can we enjoy soft, smooth butter while maintaining proper storage, freshness, and flavor?

Let's look to classic culinarians. In the 16th century, food enthusiasts in France devised a clever ceramic storage crock to keep butter from spoiling while preserving its creamy texture and delicious aroma. With the advent of refrigeration, these charming crocks gradually fell out of use, though they remained popular among true butter aficionados, chefs, and some European households.

Fortunately, in 1995, the butter lovers at L. Tremain, Inc. revived this ingenious beurrier. They enhanced its effectiveness and beauty to create an innovative butter storage solution for today's consumer—the Original Butter Bell® Crock.

The Original Butter Bell® Crock is a modern adaptation of the traditional French beurrier, designed to keep butter safely at room temperature—on the counter or tabletop—without spoilage, refrigeration, or odors. L. Tremain has perfected this natural method, ensuring butter retains its creamy texture and delicate flavor, making it the most desirable and widely-used spread in the world.

Crafted from a proprietary clay mixture known as New Bone China, the Butter Bell® Crock is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Liquid New Bone China clay is poured into pre-cast plaster molds, set for several hours, then carefully removed, glazed, and fired at 2200 degrees to achieve a beautiful, scratch-resistant finish. These crocks are dishwasher safe, and free of lead and cadmium. Each Butter Bell® Crock meets California Prop 65 regulation standards, ensuring they are 100% food safe. Plus, every purchase is backed by a limited 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects or workmanship.