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The Honey Bee Butter Bell® Crock

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The Honey Bee Butter Bell Crock - was designed exclusively for L. Tremain by beekeeper Tim McClelland as an ode to his love for the honey bee! The original crock pattern features honey bees in different "waggle" dances laid out intricately around the crock base and lid, with a navy blue decal against a creamy white glossy glazed crock. It's the bee knees! A must have kitchen accessory for butter lovers and bee enthusiasts alike!

Perfectly sized crock to holds one stick of butter (1/2 cup or 125 grams)

Size: 4.25" x 3.78"

Made of durable New Bone China

Free of lead and cadmium

Endorsed by top chefs and butter manufacturers

Dishwasher safe

How To Use The Butter Bell® Crock

Step - 1

Pour 1/3 cup of cold water into the base of the crock

Step - 2

Pack one stick (1/2 cup) softened butter FIRMLY into the bell-shaped lid, pressing out any air pockets.

Step 3

Replace the lid into the bottom of the crock. Your butter is ready for use!

Anatomy Of The Butter Bell® Crock

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