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Is the Butter Bell Crock dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Butter Bell crock is dishwasher safe.

Can I use whipped butter in the Butter Bell Crock?

Whipped butter is not recommended for storage in the Butter Bell crock, as it is less dense than regular butter. It contains tiny air pockets (hence the fluffiness) which causes the butter to fall into the water. In addition, ghee or clarified butters are not recommended for use in the Butter Bell crock.

Where is the Butter Bell Crock made and is it safe?

The Butter Bell Crocks are made in China by a top manufacturer of ceramic products. The Crocks are made from the highest quality materials and are completely safe, as they contain no lead or cadmium.

Can I use margarine (or other spreads) in the Butter Bell Crock?

The Butter Bell crock works best when real butter is used. Margarine does not have a spread-ability problem. Also, margarines are "oilier" and will not stay in the lid very easily. Though the Butter Bell can make a great serving piece at a party for other spreads or dips, it is not recommended to store other processed spreads in the Butter Bell crock, which often need refrigeration to stay fresh for extended periods of time.

Can I store herbal butters in the Butter Bell Crock?

Herbal butters are fine to serve and store in your Butter Bell crock, however they will not stay fresh as long as pure butter. Butters that contain fresh herbs will stay fresh approximately 5 to 7 days in the Butter Bell crock. This can vary somewhat, so use your best judgment before use.

Can the Butter Bell hold all sticks of butter and is it easy to pack the lid?

The Butter Bell's unique design can accommodate all size sticks of butter, or homemade butter without a problem, which makes the Original Butter Bell the best choice for storing and serving butter. American sticks of butter are in half cup measurements and come in cube form and stick form. Once the butter is softened, it is simple to pack into the lid. Freshly made homemade butter can also be very easily packed into the bell shaped lid.


My Butter has fallen out of the lid into the water.

The butter falling out of the lid is a very easy problem to correct. 99% of the time, it is the technique of packing the butter into the lid that needs correcting.

First, make sure the butter is soft enough to work into the lid. If it is too hard, then air pockets will develop within the butter in the lid, which creates a suction affect when the lid is removed from the base of the crock. We recommend using the back of a spoon to push the butter into the lid. Make sure the butter is smoothed around and no air pockets are found. The butter must adhere to the inside of the lid, meaning there should be no space between the butter and the lid. By smoothing the butter internally within the lid, this should ensure that it properly adheres to the insides of the bell. Add the cold water to the base, and replace every 3 days with fresh water.

If you carefully follow these directions, you should have no problems with the butter falling into the water.

Store the Butter Bell away from heat.

Once your Butter Bell is packed with butter and ready to use, do not sit it next to the stove or store in direct sunlight. If the crock becomes heated, the butter can melt and fall out of the lid.

Change the water in the base of the crock.

Butter Bell Crocks have a cylinder shape. They are about 3.75 inches in length, width and height. Each crock can hold one stick of butter, or half a cup of butter.

Wash in between uses.

Your Butter Bell should be cleaned in between uses. It is very important to make sure that the lid of the crock is thoroughly dry before packing butter into it – otherwise the butter will not adhere properly to the inside of the lid.

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