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Blue Petite Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain
Blue Petite Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain Blue Petite Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain Blue Petite Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain

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Petite Butter Bell Crock - Blue



The Petite sized butter bell crock is a perfect choice for those who want soft spreadable butter, but use butter more sparingly. Available in red, white & blue, the little crock holds approximately 2.5 tablespoons of butter at room temperature and safely keeps it on your counter top without spoilage. Petite bells can be ordered in multiples, which makes it fun to store small amounts of herbal or flavored butters in them for use over a few days. 

Product Description

IN STOCK Item JB-BLU Ships from our warehouse in 1-2 Business Days.

  • Each crock holds 2.5 tablespoons of butter
  • Measurements: 2.5" in diameter x 3" in height
  • Chef recommended
  • The junior functions the same way as the original size; add cold water to the base, change every few days, as needed.
  • Made of New Bone China. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Perfect for singles who don't use as much butter as a family, but still want spreadable butter at the ready.
  • Buy 2 Petite crocks- one for regular butter, the other for your favorite herbal butter recipe
  • Makes a great gift - easy stocking stuffer present at holiday time.

DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of highly durable new bone china that keeps butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration. New bone china is a high grade mixture of liquid clay poured into a pre-cast plaster mold, then allowed to set for several hours. When dry, the Butter Bells are carefully removed from the mold, glazed and fired at 2200 degrees to create a durable and scratch resistant finish.

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