With the abundance of apples at the market this time of year, we decided to make our very own apple butter and found an intriguing recipe, courtesy of the Tasting Table's Test Kitchen. This cardamom spiced apple butter recipe has a rich, tarty taste (lemongrass) and a smooth a silk consistency. Apple butter is a wonderful and versatile condiment that will keep for a few months in your refrigerator, if you don’t devour it sooner. Apple butter does take some time to make - especially peeling all those apples - but patience is a virtue and you will be quite pleased with the final result! Here is a link to the Tasting Table's Cardamom Spiced Apple Butter recipe enjoy!

As a sandwich spread – Grilled ham and cheese or a roast turkey breast Panini both benefit from a touch of apple butter Grilled chicken burgers on a brioche bun with apple butter caramelized onions is delish (caramelize the onions and add a scoop of apple butter in place of the brown sugar) Pork tenderloin glazed with apple butter – I also made baby back ribs and created a baste that included apple butter, soy sauce, Sriracha (for added “heat”), a touch of sesame oil and a little bit of ketchup. Sensational. Spooned over vanilla ice cream – kids love it! Perfect on any baked breakfast goodie – I like croissants with apple butter slightly warmed. Stir Fry Veggies – yes that is right. A small amount of apple butter added to a stir fry sauce gives the dish a hint of sweetness and tang.



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