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Butter Bell® Store Serveware

Check out the Butter Bell Store perfect selection of Serveware here, a range of items you might have with your breakfast. Platters, bowls, trays, dishes, and a variety of special purpose containers. Holiday dinners and for year-round entertaining for an array of daily uses. From the platter that holds the holiday turkey to the tray that carries afternoon tea, they are integral parts of meal and snack presentation. Additionally, many serving pieces provide multiple functions, making a kitchen well outfitted.

Among the most versatile serving pieces are trays, bowls and platters. At once accommodating and transporting foods, each also has other purposes. Trays can be used in place of a table to contain an individual place setting. Moreover, they also can carry other serving pieces, can placed atop an ottoman or while watching television from the comfort of you couch, enable it to convert to a coffee table. Meanwhile, serving bowls and platters, buffet pieces and snack servers in various sizes enhances their versatility as well.

A few extra pieces designed for specific foods or beverages can facilitate entertaining. Several companies have developed lines of specialty serving items, some of which are both practical and decorative.

Then there are other necessities like chip and dip sets, for instance, also can provide accompaniment to chips and dip. Similarly, domed cheese plates might easily accommodate miniature baked goods from muffins to brownies.

Rounding out the serveware category are pieces devised for beverages. Carafes, pitchers and teapots are available. Pitchers and carafes are great for your favorite cold beverages. For a hot beverage, tea steepers from Butter Bell Store offer individual brewing per cup of tea when you don't want an entire pot.
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