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Retro & Matte

The retro color and matte finish Butter Bell crocks add brightness to the kitchen while preserving the freshness and smoothness of butter. L. Tremain has been making fine ceramic crocks for over a decade, and this line meets the criteria for excellent design with attractive style. The selection features several color options to match any dinnerware and kitchen décor. Matte or glossy finishes protect the vibrant colors and complete the retro look of these butter crocks.

Each piece features a lid and cylindrical dish that store up to one stick of butter while keeping it fresh for an entire month. No refrigeration is necessary because the lid forms an air-tight seal when placed over the dish filled with cool water. At room temperature, the butter maintains its creamy texture for smooth spreading on any type of bread. While preserving these fine qualities of butter, the Butter Bell crocks also create decorative pieces to complement any table setting.

These butter crocks are available in a range of color options from springtime pastels to bold, festive solids to sophisticated neutral tones. L. Tremain tried to match any decorative theme with colors like royal blue, maraschino red, lime green and golden yellow. Simple table settings look elegant with the glossy finish of midnight black or white. The matte finish of ebony or ivory adds a touch of intrigue to formal and casual meals. The butter-containing lid creates a nice serving piece on the table, and the entire crock brightens countertop displays with its eye-catching colors and finishes.

This line of retro color Butter Bell crocks preserves the taste and softness of butter while boosting the kitchen's appeal with beautiful, solid tones. The New Bone China is completely safe in the dishwasher to make cleaning easier. Endorsed by top chefs, these butter crocks improve the utility and complete the look of any dining area.
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