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Kitchen Storage No matter how large or luxuriously appointed your kitchen may be, having more storage space in it is always welcome. The right kitchen storage solutions do more than give you extra space; they also help you become a more creative cook. When every spice and extract is at your fingertips, you're free to create in your kitchen. New ideas for storing dishes and linens will inspire you to use the good china and treat every dinner in your streamlined kitchen as a little celebration.

Pantry and Cabinet Organizers allow flexibility and style to solve issues with kitchen clutter. Shelving options that let you make the most of your existing space without the expense of a full kitchen remodeling. Open up previously wasted room above items stacked on the shelf by using plastic or glass containers to keep dry goods fresh in your pantry and let you see when you're running low on cereal or other staples. Keeping an organized kitchen also helps you eliminate food waste because you'll always know exactly what you have and when to use it before it expires.

Making the Most of Countertops with racks and canisters with kitchen storage designs that are too good-looking to hide behind pantry doors. A maple spice rack from Clear Solutions has space for exotic and familiar spices, encouraging you to get creative with your cooking. The rack holds over a dozen spices, but it has a small footprint or could be wall mounted. Keep the items you use daily such as coffee and flour in a fun canister set on the counter to save space in style.

When your kitchen doesn't have much counter space, think vertically and take as much as you can away from your limited horizontal surfaces. Your kitchen walls provide a new frontier for storage if you mount items on them. Try the M. Kamenstein magnetic spice rack keeps most used spices within easy reach yet out of the way. Hanging pot racks that descend from the ceiling are another option for using space you didn't know you had.

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