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Butter Bell® Store House Keeping

From Linens to hot pads to Kitchen Aprons, we've got house keeping items sorted for in this Butter Bell Store department, find top rated products for all your table and countertop and food prep needs. To start with the basics, let's talk Oven Mitts like the Thumb Mitt by Calphalon Stain resistant treated fabric. Silicone treated allowing for a better grip on hot cookware and heat resistance up to 500 degrees.

Another best selling item to check out are the yellow ripple towel is made of 100% Turkish cotton, measures 20x30-inches and can tackle any clean-up job required in your kitchen with it's thirsty ripple design. There's also Beautifully hand painted, 100% cotton Free Range tea towel is perfect with coordinating apron.

Don't forget to take a look at the Kitchy Kitchen Betty Apron by Now Designs An apron that is flirty, fun and figure flattering. A great hostess gift. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

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