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Hot Buttered Drinks

Not just Hot Buttered Rum, but in Punch and Ciders, Buttered Wine, Tea and Martinis

Softened butter on freshly baked bread is one of life's little luxuries. Here at Butter Bell, we embrace all ways that butter enriches our recipes (and lives!) and are always glad to discover new ones. It's a home cook's secret ingredient for flavor enhancement in everything from grilled veggies and meats to rich sauces and delicious baked desserts. But have you ever thought about adding butter to your favorite hot toddy?

We have! Believe it or not, the simple addition of hot butter in your drinks can add just the right touch of decadence – perfect for the holidays. Apple cider is a beloved drink as the temperature drops. The addition of butter actually enriches its flavor profile, lifting cinnamon-y goodness to truly sublime. Hot tea with butter and lots of cream is a Tibetan specialty known as Po Cha, and a slightly savory rich beverage. A warm holiday punch with butter makes a creative and appetizing option for hosts looking to titillate guests with something different. Even wines and cocktails can get a nice lift with a bit of butter.

But of course, the most popular butter-enhanced beverage is the famous holiday favorite, hot buttered rum. The creamy blend of butter, spices, liqueur and cream is often enhanced by favorite fruit flavors like banana or apple.

Whatever your craving is this holiday season, we've got recipes perfect for your making dessert of one hot, buttery drink. If you're uncomfortable with the notion, we dare you to try one and not love it.

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