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Inspired by French traditions, L. Tremain developed these classic Butter Bell crocks from durable New Bone China. Crocks maintain the freshness of butter and are dishwasher safe. The classic designs complement any table setting while adding a touch of elegance. Crocks keep butter fresh and soft without refrigeration, and these French-inspired classics invite culture and sophistication to the table.

The signature line of Butter Bell crocks features raised floral patterns to evoke feelings of springtime and warmth. Both designs incorporate the English word "Butter" on one side and the French word "Beurre" on the other. The all-white crocks blend in with any table setting and create classic serving pieces for spreads. The signature hand-painted crock integrates rosy spring flowers with green leaves and stems. The writing is highlighted in forest green to match the dark trimmings around the edges of the dish and lid. A creamy off-white background, which is also available in pure white, complements other dinnerware pieces and allows the butter crock to stand alone as a central focus. As a hand-painted piece, each crock contains unique strokes and flaws for a charming effect.

These classic crocks utilize the traditional French design to preserve butter at room temperature for a creamy, spreadable texture. One stick of butter lasts up to four weeks for a soft spread that tastes divine with every meal. Endorsed by top brands and professional chefs, the classic Butter Bell crocks offer creative solutions and decorative designs for the kitchen.

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