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Cafe Collection

When form follows function, even the simplest accent in the kitchen takes on an understated elegance. The Butter Bell Cafe Collection is the epitome of graceful form evolving from a functional way to keep butter fresh and soft. In an echo of the original L. Tremain design, each crock features the word "butter" in English on one side and "beurre" in French on the other.

What makes the Cafe Collection special is its intense color. Each bell is fully glazed in vibrant crimson, forest green, deep cobalt blue or rich coffee brown in addition to creamy white. Their lively hues add a pop of color to any kitchen's decor, but it's also a great way to tell multiple butter bells apart. Store herbed butter in the green bell and fill a red one with honey butter.

All of these handsome butter bells hold an entire stick of butter, keeping it at just the right temperature to spread easily on even the softest bread. When butter is served cool and creamy instead of cold and hard, its subtle flavors become more pronounced. Anything from a crusty French baguette to a dainty blueberry muffin deserves soft, flavorful butter. Morning toast becomes a pleasure when it gets a swirl of fresh creamery butter that doesn't tear its surface.

With a butter bell, cool water, not the chill of a refrigerator, keeps the butter fresh. Oxidation is what causes butter to spoil, but when there is no contact with air, spoilage doesn't happen. Water forms a seal around the base of the bell, locking in the freshness of the butter without chilling the flavor from it or ruining its texture.

No French baker would dream of serving chilled butter at the table. The traditional way of serving is in a beurriere, or butter jar. The modern butter bell is a refinement of this original concept. Made from sturdy stoneware, the Cafe Collection crocks have lids and handles designed for easy use. They are also dishwasher-safe, so it's easy to keep the crock clean or switch between flavored compound butters. The glazed surface also prevents butter from picking up untoward flavors or aromas the way it can when it is kept in a refrigerator.

Designed to complement any kitchen decor, these classic Cafe Collection butter bells can take their place alongside the salt and pepper shaker on the kitchen counter, ready to provide smooth, fresh butter at every meal.

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