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Antique Collection

This line of antique Butter Bell crocks features country colors and embossed designs inspired by France. Each crock is made from New Bone China, a durable material that helps preserve butter to ensure freshness at room temperature. Rustic patterns and colors bring a touch of country style to the kitchen. These hand-sculpted butter crocks are unique in appearance and functional in design.

Bold color options like rouge, goldenrod, sienna and azure create outstanding tabletop pieces that evoke warm and inviting feelings. Lighter tones, such as lavender, ivory rose, sea spray and white linen, offer a subtle decorative setting to the dining area. The style of painting makes the container appear well-worn for a comfortable feeling at home. The intricate embossing on each butter crock resembles the leaves and crawling vines of a French vineyard. Antique in design, these crocks add rustic country flair to any dining experience.

Famous for high-quality ceramics, L. Tremain made these beautifully designed crocks to preserve the freshness of butter and enhance the dining table. Each antique Butter Bell crock holds one stick of butter, which is equivalent to one-half cup. The container locks in the flavor and preserves the butter, which maintains a smooth texture for easy spreading on toast, muffins and other baked goods. A two-piece design features the cup and saucer portion for serving butter at the table, and the attractive cover protects the spread for safe storage. The cylindrical design stands on its own as a tabletop centerpiece or fits neatly on the counter as a subtle accent. Endorsed by professionals, these decorative crocks have gained the approval of top chefs as well as best-selling butter manufacturers.


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